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Hello, it's Harry Lynn here. I have spent my working life as a Professional Musician and Teacher, and am very happy to have you visit Learning Grand Pianos where I can share lots of diverse information in two areas which are all connected to pianos and learning how to play them...

  1. Learning the best and most efficient way possible for beginners to have fun while practising - regardless of age - and more advanced methods for those who can play a little, and wish to improve. You can become the LIFE Of THE PARTY in Months not Years with up to date fun learning systems.
  2. Learning about Grand Pianos, how they work {The Nuts’N’Bolts} compared to upright pianos, and whether a certain model or size will suit your needs and the space you have. Will a baby grand, which will fit the space you have available, be of a sufficiently high standard to do its intended job ? Or will you be better off buying a digital keyboard giving yourself portability, and the advantage of privacy while practising ?
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Learning Pianos

Teach Yourself Piano in Five Easy Steps

You can teach yourself piano with a little time and effort. This is a versatile and fun instrument to learn, and there are plenty of learning materials available, including books, DVD s, and online tutorials. If you do want to teach yourself to play a musical instrument, then the piano is a good choice. Keyboards are affordable and provide you with a portable, easy-to-manage starter instrument, … [Read More...]

How To Play A Piano

How to Play a Piano There are many resources available to help you to learn how to play a piano. The piano is a great instrument to learn as it is versatile and lots of fun. You can play solo or with other musicians, and there is a massive range of different music to learn, including classical, jazz, and the latest pop songs. The piano is also ideal for those people who like to sing and play … [Read More...]

Learn Your Favorite Music with Easy Piano Lessons

Learn Your Favorite Music with Easy Piano Lessons If you have always wanted to be able to play your favorite pieces of music yourself,  then you should consider easy piano lessons. These can teach you the basics of how to play the piano so that you can quickly reach a good enough skill level to play most types of music. The piano is a versatile instrument and, although it can take years to … [Read More...]

Learning to Play Piano – A History

With a tradition of at least two centuries, learning to play piano has followed a predictable course. Usually, a family who had a piano, made the decision for their next generation of pianists to follow in the footsteps of the earlier ones, and go for either a traditional or formal method of learning to play piano. Three learning methods. 1. TRADITIONAL WITHIN FAMILY LEARNING Learning to … [Read More...]

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Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts – Part One

Overview Pianos, whether they are grand pianos, baby grand pianos or upright pianos, are played by means of a keyboard. They are one of the most popular instruments in the world,and are widely used in classical music for solo performances, ensemble use, chamber music, concertos with symphony orchestras, jazz and rock concerts and accompaniment for a variety of artists. The piano is also … [Read More...]

Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts Part Two

Upright Pianos The mechanism in upright pianos is perpendicular to the keys. Sometimes called vertical pianos, they are more compact because the frame and strings are vertical. The hammers move horizontally, and return to their resting position via a system of springs and tapes, which are prone to wear and tear. Upright pianos with unusually tall frames and long strings are sometimes … [Read More...]

Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts Part Three

PIANO PEDALS Pianos have had pedals, or some close equivalent, since the earliest days. [In the 18th century, some pianos used levers pressed upward by the player's knee instead of pedals.] My Dad used to play organ in church and used the swell pedals with his knees, and his right foot on a volume pedal, or in a very early organ, he had to pump air through the reeds with both feet - hard … [Read More...]

Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts Part Four

In this post we discuss in detail some of the individual components of grand pianos, and upright pianos. More " nuts and bolts " to enjoy. OUTER CASE The outer case of most pianos is  made of hardwood, to act as a strong foundation from which the flexible soundboard can best vibrate. The purpose of a solid case is so that the sound energy will stay as much as possible in the soundboard instead … [Read More...]

Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts Part Five

THE CAST IRON FRAME   The metal frame, of a piano is usually made from cast iron. It is crucial for the plate to be very robust. As mentioned previously, the average upright or medium-sized grand piano's strings have a combined pull of about 18 tons, and the tension in a 9 foot concert grand is close to 30 tons! Cast iron is easy to cast and machine, has flexibility sufficient … [Read More...]

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